It?s BBQ Time! Get Saucy!
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It's BBQ Time! Get Saucy!
Well for Life
(Friday July 26, 2013)

Try these delicious Organicville BBQ sauces. They are gluten free and use agave nectar and molasses; no added sugar, making it a friendlier product those watching their blood sugars.

The “Original” has a sweet and smoky flavor and a savory hint of spice. The “Tangy” adds a peppery spice and, yes, tangy flavor to burgers, veggies, side dishes and more.

I love that they are USDA certified organic, which also means non-gmo, and they are gluten free and vegan.

Try this: Place a whole chicken in a greased slow cooker, then pour a whole bottle of "Original" Organicville BBQ sauce over the top and set on low for 6 to 8 hours. This will be the best pulled chicken you have ever had! Yummmm!

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Organicville BBQ Sauces
Gluten Free and sweetened with agave nectar; perfect for healthy grilling!