How Sweet it is! In the know about Sweet Treats
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How Sweet it is! In the know about Sweet Treats
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(Friday February 14, 2014)


Sugary treats like candy make great gifts for special occasions, like Valentines Day, birthdays, or even first dates.  It turns out  though, that there are some important differences in the types of ingredients used, and the way sugars are grown and processed, that can affect those with certain allergies, even people who want to avoid GMO foods and vegans.


White sugar for example comes from two natural sources high in sucrose, either sugar cane or sugar beets.  People who want to avoid GMOs will chose cane sugar since roughly 95% of  sugar beets in the U.S. are GMO crops which have been genetically modified to be resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup. This is a cause for concern with many folks.


Certified organic sugars are a good choice because they cannot intentionally contain products from GMO sources, so be sure to look for organic sugar when choosing your candy.  Try OCHO bars.  Not only are they quality chocolate bars, they use organic cane sugar and organic cocoa which are non-GMO. 


Yummy Organics (Lollipops, Fruit Snacks, Gummies, Sour Beans) are also a good choice for those who suffer from allergies.  They are gluten free, peanut and tree nut free, without dairy, eggs or other common allergens.  Enjoy these sweet treats.  Check out for some yummy treat and craft ideas—imagine lollipop flowers for your favorite person—Yum!

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Organic and non-GMO sweet treats!

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Allergen free - gluten free, peanut free, nut free, no dairy, no eggs