Our Most Versatile Tomato

Tesoro Tomatoes

Fine Produce:  Tesoro Roma Tomatoes
Our Most Versatile Tomato

Whether it's cooking fresh tomato sauce, preparing a tasty salsa or simply making a delicious sandwich, our Tesoro Roma Tomatoes are perfect for a wide variety of uses where a meatier tomato is desired.

It’s one meaty tomato

The Tesoro Roma is a hybrid variety that has two very unique qualities: Dense meaty flesh and amazingly sweet flavor. Alone, just one of these qualities would make a very satisfying tomato; together - the Tesoro is simply amazingly versatile and tasty.

Thick and robust sauces

If you haven't made your own tomato sauce, you are simply missing out. Fresh tomato sauce has a sweetness and taste that cannot be beat by anything in a can. Using the Tesoro Roma, your sauces will be thicker, richer and great tasting whether you're making a marinara, spaghetti or simple tomato, basil and garlic sauce. Start right with Tesoro.

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Sweet and chunky salsa

Tomato salsa has replaced ketchup as the most popular condiment in America. With its unlimited uses and mild to fiery flavor, salsa is here to stay. And nothing beats fresh homemade salsa! Tesoro Romas are very sweet, giving salsa an incredible flavor as well as a chunky consistency. Never watery, Tesoro salsa is sure to be a hit at your next party or gathering.

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Sandwiches that don't get soggy

Fresh tomatoes on sandwiches are a natural and everyone loves them. But, when was the last time you put tomatoes on sandwich in your brown bag lunch? You may have stopped because you ended up with a soggy mess. With our Tesoro Roma, you can again enjoy tomatoes on your packed sandwiches, even if you don't eat them for hours.

The unique solid and meaty texture of these tomatoes mean they don't drip and never make your bread soggy! The sandwich is back!

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Where were they grown?

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Raley's Tesoro Roma Tomatoes are grown in Mexico.

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Tesoro Roma Tomatoes are hot house grown.

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