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Seafood:  The Freshest, Most Wholesome Seafood
We Have the Toughest Seafood Safety Standards in the Industry

No other supermarket in the nation has an exclusive program the caliber of Checkpoint Certified. Food safety has always been a top priority at our stores. When you shop with us, you can have the confidence of knowing you're buying the freshest, most wholesome seafood available - thanks to our exclusive Checkpoint Certified seafood safety program.

Independent certification from world-renowned experts

We've hired an internationally recognized testing organization to ensure that our seafood safety procedures not only meet, but exceed, government food safety standards. These rigid standards extend from the sea to the supermarket and encompass checkpoints at every level.

• Government-tested waters - We verify that our mussels, clams and oysters are harvested from safe, government-approved waters.
• Certified distributors - The suppliers of our fresh fish are regularly checked to be sure they're meeting our strict manufacturing and sanitation standards.
• Proper transportation - We check every delivery for quality and temperature. If the fish isn't 41°F or colder, we send it back.
• Strict store procedures - We monitor seafood temperatures 24 hours a day. And every night, we empty, clean and sanitize our seafood counters and replace the ice.

Need tips on how to prepare and cook your seafood? Just ask! Our friendly seafood staff will be glad to help.


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Too bad you can't list the different items (with prices) offered in your stores so we can see what you have. This is just a general description of your seafood department. No help deciding on what we want to purchase. Check out the Safeway website.

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We thank you for your suggestion and will take your comments into consideration for future updates. In the meantime, please feel free to click on our weekly specials to view our fresh seafood features and prices.

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Thanks for the idea, Wren! We'll work on one..

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Check Point Certified
Check Point Certified