Fresh Cooked Dungeness Crab


Seafood:  Fresh Cooked Dungeness Crab

Hurry in to try our Fresh Cooked Dungeness Crab.  Caught in the icy waters off the Pacific Coast, Dungeness crabs are one of winter's finest treats. They're large, meaty and firm with a clean, fresh taste.

We cook the crabs for you so they're especially easy to use. For a delicious entrée, simply toss the meat with fresh pasta, butter and cheese. Or add it to a simmering pot of cioppino. Crab cakes, too, are always a hit.  But for crab purists, the simplest preparation is the best: served cold in the shell with drawn butter, a hot loaf of crusty sourdough and a chilled bottle of Chardonnay.

Here are some other delicious crab recipes:

Fresh seafood availability subject to weather and fishing conditions.  While supplies last.

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are you going to have the 50% on Crab again like last year wonderful sale

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