It’s Summer Time! Grill Time - Sockeye Salmon

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Seafood:  Sock It To Me
Fresh Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

Salmon has three seasons - King, Sockeye and Coho. We love rich and flavorful sockeye as the in-betweenie salmon. If you're not a fan of the intense flavor of wild king salmon, sockeye provides a milder choice, while still giving you that salmon richness you love.

Also known as red salmon for the color of their flesh, and bluebacks, for the bluish-silver color of their scales, we get our sockeye from the pristine waters of Alaska.

So what's the best way to enjoy this fish? We like it on a cedar plank for smoky deliciousness (check out our helpful video), or cooked in a smoker bag.

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I love your fish counter. the staff is always helpful with recipe or cooking suggestions. Really appreciate them

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fresh fish my grandkid loves it

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