Nob Hill Trading Co. European Style Breads

Our Food: Fine Bakery: Nob Hill Trading Co. Artisan Breads
When we created our exclusive Nob Hill Trading Co. breads, we looked to the masters for inspiration - fine European bakeries. Using time-honored recipes and authentic ingredients, we bake our European Style Breads throughout the day in our Fresh Bakery, so they're always fresh, perfectly moist, and bursting with just-from-the-oven goodness.

Authentic Italian Ciabatta Rolls

Multi Grain or Traditional Ciabatta.

Extra Sourdough Batard

Slow-fermented with our special natural levain starter for an extra zesty, exquisitely nutty taste. 

Jalapeno Cheese Focaccia

Traditional focaccia topped with spicy jalapenos and Cheddar cheese. Try it with Pacifico Beer or cut into strips and serve with warm beans and cheese.

Mediterranean Olive Bread

Crispy, light and loaded with green and black olives, and a
Mediterranean spice.  Serve with artichoke dip or spread with
goat cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes and herbs.

Parmesan Herb Ciabatta

Our traditional ciabatta dough loaded with sundried tomatoes and garlic, and topped with cheese and Italian seasoning. Great for sandwiches or on its own. 

Pugliese Bread

Originally from southern Italy, pugliese is a uniquely versatile loaf thats crusty outside and bubbly inside.

Roasted Garlic Batard

For the real garlic lover!  Delicious loaf with cloves of roasted garlic. A pleasing appetizer on its own, top with bruschetta or serve with our Nob Hill Trading Co. Soups.

Rustic French Bread

Uniquely shaped with crisp crust and delicate light interior. Great for sandwiches, cheese platters or dipping into our Raley’s Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil.

Sourdough Boule

This hand-shaped tangy round bread is great for presentations. Just carve out and fill with our Nob Hill Trading Co. Spinach or Artichoke Dip.

Sweet or Sourdough Baguette

Traditional baguettes with a moist interior and a chewy, crunchy crust. Try them!

Whole Grain European Loaf

A hand shaped whole grain bread blended with rye, red & wheat flours for a moist and nutty flavor. Try it as a breakfast treat with mascarpone cheese.