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Here are just a few of the local farms and families we work with. Take a look at their stories. You'll quickly see how Living Local is a big part of what makes us famous for fine produce.

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Dave Vierra
Dave Vierra
West Sacramento, California
Fifth-generation farmer David Vierra says of his passion for farming, "It's in my blood." David's grandfather, Ellard Vierra, arrived in the Sacramento River Delta in the 1920's, and farmed full time. David still cultivates his grandfather's hundred-acre garden, growing seasonal, fresh produce all year round.

Durst Farms
Durst Farms
Yolo County, California
Since the early 80's, Jim & Deborah Durst have been growing some of the best-tasting organic produce around. They believe in farming techniques that build soil fertility while balancing wildlife, and are committed to growing delicious and nutritious produce while promoting a healthier environment for everyone. We're glad they are part of our local family.

Dixon Ridge Farms
Dixon Ridge Farms
Winters, California
Established in 1979, Dixon Ridge Farms is proud to continue a century-long tradition of family farming: "We feel good about the way we grow our walnuts and the way we treat the Earth. We are proud of what we do and it shows."