Raley's Something Extra Portal
frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Something Extra and other retail programs?

Our program is not a two-tiered pricing structure like some of our competitors. You will continue to enjoy the same high quality and value?and the same ad prices?whether you choose to participate in the program or not. Something Extra rewards you for being you?you just keep shopping as you normally would. As a Something Extra Member, you'll get just that, a more personalized shopping experience as well as reward vouchers you can apply towards your next purchase.

Your magazine is called Something Extra. What's the connection between that and this program?

The connection is you! We know that our customers love the recipes, foodie advice and specials they get in every issue of our Something Extra magazine. We're confident that our customers will also love the savings and service they'll get with Something Extra Rewards program.

Do I need to carry a card?

No. When you shop, you can also use the Loyalty Number you created at enrollment to earn rewards.

How do I get rewards?

There are several ways you can earn rewards. The easiest way is to make sure you use your Something Extra Loyalty Number or Card every time you shop. You will earn one point per every dollar spent. You can also receive Extra points in the connection with the purchase of specified products, attending special events, or by spreading the word about Something Extra to your friends. Rewards also come in the form of additional services on the website such as personalized offers that can be loaded to your account. Check back at the website frequently for more opportunities to earn points.

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your earned points by a rewards voucher that is sent to you at the end of every calendar quarter. You must have a minimum balance of 500 points available in your account to be awarded a voucher. Please note that the reward voucher can only be redeemed on in-store purchases of eligible items. If you have a balance of less than 500 points at the time the voucher is issued, you will not receive a rewards voucher, but the earned points will remain available in your account.

Do my points expire?

Yes. Your points will expire if there is no activity within your account for 180 days. (Activity is defined as a change in your points balance.) In advance of this happening, you will be notified by email or through your online account.

Are there certain items that are excluded from earning points?

Yes. Exclusions include: lottery tickets, postage stamps, alcohol, tobacco, money orders and other in store services, prepaid cards and gift cards, fuel and fuel services, ecart handling fee, pharmacy items reimbursable by a state or federal government health care program. Eligible items purchased at the Aisle 1 Fuel Station convenience store will earn points.

Can I get cash back for my points?

No. Something Extra Reward Vouchers have no cash value.

My offers don't seem very personalized yet. How come?

To provide you with the utmost personalized offers, we have to first know what you like! The more you shop, the more we can learn about your preferences.