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Extra points mean extra $ back. It's simple. When you shop with your Something Extra card or number, your purchase earns you points - and they add up fast! You can also earn extra points, either with marked items at the shelf or during special double-points events! So how do all these points become cash back?

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Rewarding you for being you. We'll automatically keep track of the Something Extra points you earn at each shopping trip. Every three months, these points turn into vouchers you can use for free groceries. 500 points = $5 back. 1,200 points = $12 back. Pretty cool, right?

All about reward vouchers

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What is a Point Rewards Voucher?
It's a paper coupon (or load-to-card, depending on the option you've chosen on your raleys.com account profile) that shows how your points have been converted into credit that you can spend at Raley's, Bel Air or Nob Hill Foods. 500 points is the minimum balance required to be eligible for a reward voucher.

  • Points Earned January 1 Through March 31, 2017:
    Are applied toward the Reward Voucher that is sent in late April.

  • Your Total Points Shown on Receipts and Website:
    Will be updated January 23, 2017 to show new balance minus the amount deducted for your January Reward Voucher.

  • If You Had 500 Points or More on December 31, 2016:
    Your points were converted to credits and appeared on your January Rewards Voucher.

  • If You Had Less Than 500 Points on December 31, 2016:
    Your points were carried over and applied to the following quarter's balance.

When can I expect my Voucher?
Quarterly. The voucher for the quarter that ends December 31 is scheduled to send the last week of January.

How will I receive my Voucher?
Members with the minimum balance of 500 points at each quarter will receive a Voucher in one of two ways:

  1. By US Mail. Watch your mailbox after January 23, 2017 for your Rewards Voucher.
  2. By email on January 23, 2017. This special email invites you to click to your Available Offers page on Raleys.com where you can "Accept" your Reward Voucher, thereby loading it to your account.

To receive your Voucher via email notification:

  • Just opt in before the close of the quarter. Here's how to set this option.
  • To make sure our email reaches your inbox, please add us to your contact list: Something Extra Email at se-email@raleysstores.com

What's the Minimum Voucher Amount?
$5.00 or 500 points, the minimum qualifying point balance at the close of each quarter.

On what can I spend my Voucher?
Vouchers can be used to purchase anything in store except alcohol, gift cards, the portion of a prescription cost not paid out of pocket by a Member, fuel, fuel services, or any products prohibited by law.

What if I have less than 500 points at the end of a quarter?
Your points balance will remain in your account, and will be counted toward the next reward cycle (next quarter).

How are my points converted to dollar value?
Starting with the minimum of $5.00, Vouchers will be generated in even dollar amounts. If you have 564 points in your account, a Voucher will be issued for $5.00 and the 64 points will remain in your account toward the next reward cycle.

How do I use my Voucher?
If you received a Voucher by traditional US mail, present the voucher to your cashier when you're ready to redeem.

If you've opted in to receive your Voucher via email, click to Your Available Offers on Raleys.com, then just click Accept. The value of your Voucher will be redeemed next time you shop.

Do I have to spend the Voucher in one transaction?

What happens if my total at checkstand is less than my Voucher amount?
The Voucher will not be redeemed on that visit and will be available for your next qualifying purchase.

Can I get cash back on my voucher?

Do Vouchers expire?
Yes, approximately 11 months after issuance. So...
Vouchers issued in January are effective through December 31.
Vouchers issued in April are effective through March 31st.
Vouchers issued in July are effective through June 30th.
Vouchers issued in October are effective through September 30th.

What do I do if I did not receive - or lost - my Voucher?
For this or any other questions, please contact the Raley's Service Center from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. at (800) 925-9989, or send an email to service@raleys.com.

For more detail, you can read our Terms & Conditions.

We hope you'll use your Voucher to treat yourself to
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Ideas to inspire. Stumped on what to make for dinner? Looking for the perfect party spread? We're serving up delicious recipes, helpful tips and so much more to inspire our Something Extra members every day!

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The extras just keep coming. We really appreciate our customers, and the Something Extra program makes it easy for us to show it! From time to time, you may find extra surprises in your inbox - birthday treats, unexpected dollar-off savings and more. Why? Because we love to reward you!

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