Slow Cooker Potato Chicken

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Slow Cooker Potato Chicken

Slow Cooker Potato Chicken
1 whole cut up chicken
2 tsp. herbes de Provence
1 tsp. garlic salt
Freshly ground pepper to taste
1/2 cup flour
1 tbsp. vegetable oil
1¼ lbs. small red potatoes
1 cup small baby carrots
3/4 cup frozen pearl onions, thawed
3/4 cup chicken stock or reduced-sodium broth
8 oz. small baby bella or
white mushrooms
chopped fresh thyme (optional)

Prep: 15 minutes, Cook: about 4½ to 8½ hours, Serves: 6

1. Discard chicken back and season chicken pieces with herbs, garlic salt and pepper; dredge well in flour. Heat oil in a large skillet. Add chicken and cook over medium-high heat until it’s golden brown on both sides.

2. Transfer to a large slow cooker, then add remaining ingredients except fresh thyme. Cover and cook on HIGH for 4 hours or on LOW for 8 hours. Sprinkle with fresh thyme before serving, if you like.


Mexican: Omit herbes de Provence and sprinkle chicken with 2 tsp. chili powder and 1 tsp. each: ground cumin and dried oregano. Add 1 cup green or red salsa and 1 (4-oz.) can diced green chiles. Sprinkle with chopped fresh cilantro just before serving, if desired.

Mediterranean: Omit herbes de Provence and sprinkle chicken with 2 tsp. garam masala. Add 1 cup rinsed and drained canned garbanzo beans, 1/2 cup golden raisins and 2 tbsp. lemon juice.

Italian: Omit herbes de Provence and sprinkle chicken with 2 tsp. Italian herb seasoning. Add 1/2 cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes (not oil packed). 

Nutritional Information:
559 calories, 51 g protein, 26 g total fat (7 g sat., 0 g trans), 28 g carbohydrate, 3 g fiber, 3 g sugar, 146 mg cholesterol, 380 mg sodium, 14 points


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