“Steakhouse” Veggie Melts

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“Steakhouse” Veggie Melts

"Steakhouse" Veggie Melts
4 medium-large portabella mushrooms, stems removed and sliced 3/4- inch thick
4 (1/4-inch thick) slices red onion
Olive oil cooking spray
1 (21-oz.) box Kinnikinnick Gluten Free Personal Size Pizza Crusts
4 slices Applegate Naturals Sharp Cheddar Cheese
1/2 cup plain, fat-free Greek yogurt
2 tsp. McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning
1/2 tsp. sugar
1 cup Mezzetta Deli Sliced Roasted Bell Pepper Strips, patted dry

Prep: 15 minutes, Cook: 20 minutes, Serves: 4

1. Spray mushrooms and onions with cooking spray and grill over medium heat for 5 minutes on each side or until softened and nicely browned.

2. Cut each pizza crust and cheese slice in half on the diagonal to form triangles. Place cheese on crusts and grill until cheese is melted and crusts are lightly toasted.

3. Stir together yogurt, seasoning and sugar in a small bowl. Place cooked mushrooms, onions and pepper strips on half the crusts. Spread equal amounts of steakhouse spread on remaining half and close sandwiches. 

Nutritional Information:
Calories: 530, Protein: 15g, Total Fat: 18g (Saturated Fat: 6g, Trans Fat: 0g), Carbohydrates: 75g, Fiber: 10g, Sugar: 11g, Cholesterol: 60mg, Sodium: 780mg, 13 points


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